Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cheap Custom Shirts | Cheap Screen Printing

Have you ever tried making your own cheap custom shirts? Through cheap screen printing process, you can have your cheap custom shirts possible. Now, you can show to the world your ideas and thoughts through your very own creation.

Here are the things needed:

1.       Pencil
2.       Pentel Pen or marker
3.       Paper
4.       Acetate
5.       Clean screen
6.       Emulsion
7.       Coating through
8.       Screen exposure frame equipment or equivalent
9.       Masking tape
10.   Clamping device or equivalent
11.   Computer with scanner and printer


1.       Make a design.
-          You can draw an image; add some quotations or messages, or anything that you want to appear on the shirt. You can use pencil and a piece of paper to draw it or you can directly make your design on your computer.
2.       Scan it then print your design artwork in acetate.
3.       Put emulsion in coating trough.
4.       Coat screen with emulsion. Steady as it goes.
5.       Dry the emulsion in darkroom.
6.       After drying the emulsion, you can now expose the screen to light through the use of screen exposure frame equipment or its equivalent.
7.       Wash the screen with water. Now, the artwork becomes visible.
8.       Mask exposed areas.
9.       Line-up your design with screen.
10.   Place the shirt for silk screen to the work surface.
11.   Secure screen to clamps.
12.   Apply ink to screen.
13.   Remove the shirt.
14.   Cure the ink on the shirt by heating it.
15.   Repeat the process for the next shirt to be silk screen printed.

You have now your own cheap custom shirts. You can make your another design artwork if you want to have some variations on your custom shirt printing.

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